How Not To Get Sick

I did it again.

It was Aspen's first day of second grade, a big exciting day for all three of us.  I'd felt a tickle in my throat, sneezed a few times the day before.

I put it out of my mind.  "It's not winter,  I'm totally on my game. No way am I getting sick."

After we left her at school to get settled in with her new teachers and old friends I went to work like always. I had a big presentation to make to a group of smart, important do-gooders.  

After that was over I felt tired. Really tired.  "It's just the excitement of the day," I told myself. 

By the time we picked Aspen up from school (Yes, Jonathan and I both went. It was the first day! We're sentimental!) I was fried. A little achy, a little chilly, and really sore in my throat.

I chided myself for not getting on it the day before -- right when I'd felt the first tickle, the first suggestion that maybe a cold or flu was coming on.  But I'd been so happy and excited that getting sick was the last thing on my mind.

Right then I knew what I had to do -- and it wasn't take ibuprofen.  I started pounding my immune-boosting elixers, hoping it wasn't too late.  

And it worked.  By mid morning the next day I was all better.  

I'd done it again -- warded off a bad cold or flu before it had the chance to really get a hold of me and ruin a whole week.

This wasn't the first time I'd avoided getting sick. All through last cold and flu season I'd been on high alert. Whenever I'd get that sinking feeling that something might be trying to take hold to bring me down, I rushed to start my immune-boosters so I could beat the flu before it beat me.

 Here's how I avoided getting sick, and how you can, too.

1. Go lay down. Even if you have to bring your laptop and keep working a little, do it.  Your body needs every ounce of energy it can spare right now to fight off the bug trying to make a home in you. Get flat, stretch out, and let your body rest. 

2. Drink chicken bone broth.  Ever since I discovered this magical, delicious stuff last fall I have not been sick once. As soon as I feel like I might get sick I slurp down at least 16 ounces of organic bone broth.  It tastes great (your body knows what it needs) and provides your body with the vitamins, minerals and immune-boosters to heal itself.  

I wrote about the benefits of bone broth after going a year without getting sick.  I'm telling you, it really works.  You can read more here.

3. Drink lots of water.  Pretty sure you've heard this one before. But knowing you should isn't the same as doing it.  Give your body the chance to flush the invader out. For extra help, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice, my happiest habit, to help your body alkalize. 

4. Spray your mouth with colloidal silver. This stuff is a little controversial, so read up on it and decide what's right for you.

I'd heard of it for years and then read that Dr. Oz recommended it. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. I spray it in my mouth right when I feel something coming on and it's been part my successful cold-and-flu-avoidance protocol for several years.

5. Take an echinacea liquid.  At our house we take Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid from Source Naturals. It's designed to support your immune system with a combination of herbs you've heard of including echinacea, elderberry extract, and goldenseal.  You could take straight echinacea alone, but this combination seems to really ward things off.  Jonathan swears by it.

6. Dissolve Oscillococcinum on your tongue (and don't bother trying to pronounce it.) It's a homeopathic remedy that fights fire with fire. I can't really explain how it works. You can read about homeopathy for yourself, but I think this particular remedy has some of the same properties of the chicken bone broth, which explains why it works so well.

7. Sip Elderberry Syrup. It has a concentration of boosters that kick your immune system into high gear.  Aspen asks for it by name when she feels like she might be getting sick.  It tastes like candy so maybe she just hopes she's getting sick.  

Those are my main tools that work for me. They're easy to get and easy to use.

But here's the real trick: You have to keep this stuff at home or at your office. Because to ward off a cold or flu you have to catch it before it catches you.

That means the first sneeze, the first achy feeling, the first whatever-sign-you-know-means-your-body-is-coming-down-with-something.  I can't emphasize this enough.  I'm not talking about sipping hot bone broth when you're already home with a temperature. You've got to start before the temperature soars.

So stock up now and be ready for battle.  Wishing you a healthy year like the one I'm planning.



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