The 7-Minute Workout

If you're like me the only exercise you got during the last few weeks was waddling into the kitchen for another cookie.

I was joking with my friend Monica on Christmas Eve about how I used to scoff at all the frenzy to diet and start exercising after the holidays.  Who are these bozos who let themselves go, just because its Christmas, I used to wonder?

I scoff no more.  I have truly been a sloth these last few weeks.  I managed to get in a few yoga classes and two days of skiing, but I definitely consumed more delicious food than I burned off sipping hot toddies by the fire.

I was racking my brain for how to get back into shape in the two shorts weeks I have until my birthday trip to Palm Springs. Run on my treadmill every day? That'll never happen. Go on a juice fast? Not unless it's red wine.  

Then I recalled the AMAZING and FREE app called the 7-Minute Workout that I learned about from the late great Dena Fischer.  She and I used to compare notes on how easy and fun it was to do -- truly inspiring!  I just knew you'd be inspired by it, too.

You can download the app for free for any device.

You can download the app for free for any device.

It's basically high-intensity interval training, which studies are showing to be super effective.  I'm no gym rat, believe me. So if the term "high-intensity" made you want to stop reading, I promise you this thing is doable. And for God's sake, it only lasts for 7 minutes.

It's FREE. It's FAST.  It's scientifically proven to help you BURN FAT and GAIN MUSCLE.  Of the 12 exercises you'll do in the 7 minutes only two of them require anything but your body to complete. The other two just need a chair. You could have worked out in the time it took you to read this post.  

But don't commit now. Take a baby step: Download it. Then maybe, if you have the energy, listen to it once without moving at all.  After that you'll probably feel like you can do anything. I'm guessing that'll give you a little momentum AWAY from the sweets in the kitchen and TOWARD feeling a little lighter and inspired.



P.S. I won't lie. I literally wrote this up for you while sipping red wine and nibbling fudge made by my friend Claire.  But that PLUS the 7-Minute workout is better than nothing.