* Happiness From Me To You

I love sharing information with my friends. When I learn a new health or beauty trick, I share it. When I read something (or someone) inspirational, I share it. When I see something pretty, I buy it.  (Okay, not always, but I  love to buy pretty things. And I love a good deal, so I share those when I find them, too.)

When I get a good tip that makes me happy I like to shout it out the sunroof. This blog will be my new trip down Main Street in a convertible so I can shout out the cool things I discover that make me happy in the hopes they will make you happy, too.

Now, every time a friend asks me where I got my dress, how I cover my grey hair between salon visits, or how I manage to meditate despite the chaos of daily living I’ll direct them right here. To MyHappyPlaceBlog.

I hope it will be your happy place, too. As superficial as some of the things that make me happy are (Hello Kate Spade and Trina Turk, I’m talking to you!) I’m also drawn to soulful people and ideas.  My aim is to make each blog post short, sweet and fun so you can visit for a quick happiness hit.  

I don't know about you, but my life is intense.  I have a demanding job, one husband, one daughter and two dogs who have to eat (twice a day!)  I have an aging body and a shifting sense of identity. I have older parents whose health and wellness worry me every day, and beloved friends I never see except virtually. And I have lots and lots of emails that need answering.  So sometimes it’s a relief to tap into the lighter side of life.

Here's something light: Check back here on August 28th for an awesome gift being offered ONLY to my readers by a luxury beauty product company. How's that for happy? 



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