Doorstop Happiness

If you worry about your safety when you stay in a hotel room alone, I found an awesome solution!  

(I know, some of you moms reading that first sentence thought, "Stay in a hotel room? Alone?  I don't give a damn if I'm safe as long as I can put my feet up, sip a glass of wine, and get a full night's sleep without someone tiptoeing in to tell me they had a bad dream.)

Of course, most hotel rooms in the U.S. have a safety latch you can use to bolt your door shut.  But I've seen an easy hack for opening those from the outside, so they aren't a guarantee. And if you travel abroad you never know what kind of door lock or latch you might have.  In Nepal most of our accommodations didn't even have door nobs, much less locks.

Next time you ditch home for a solo trip grab a rubber doorstop, the kind you can find at any hardware store.  Light and easy to pack, you can put the doorstop on the floor inside your room. Most hotel doors open inward so the door stop will prevent anyone from pushing the door in.


I don't usually worry about my safety when I travel, but once, on a work trip to L.A., my client put me in a weird hotel that was nearly vacant. Despite there being few other guests I was given a room in a lonely, remote corner of the hotel. And when I got into my room there was just a flimsy lock on the door, without a safety latch or bolt.  That was the one and only time I didn't feel safe in my room, and I wish I'd had a rubber door stop that night!

My friend Tina sent me a Go! Girl Guide called 50 Essential Items for Female Travelers, which is where I got this idea.  Next work trip I take I'm going to try the doorstop idea.  Not sexy, but a happy idea for solo travelers.



P.S. Forward and share this idea with any women you know who travel alone for work or fun.

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