Happy Up Your Coffee

I try not to drink too much coffee, but it just makes me so darned happy that I have at least one cup a day. There's a lot of conflicting information out there about whether or not coffee is healthy. So I'm going with "yes, in moderation."  

Here's how you can make your coffee at home even happier: Sprinkle a generous amount of ground cinnamon on top of the beans before you hit brew.  Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory food so finding ways to add it to your diet is a good idea.  And if you thought the smell of coffee brewing was good, wait until you smell this.  

We grind our beans fresh every morning because Jonathan swears that matters.  He's a gadget guy so I suspect he just loves using the Burr grinder.  The cinnamon gets added right on top of the ground beans and makes the coffee taste extra great and even more like a treat. You know when you add cinnamon to your brewed coffee at Starbucks or Peet's how it it doesn't mix in, and leaves a powdery film on your tongue?  This is way better than that.


For the Christmas holiday season we also add a grating of nutmeg with the cinnamon. Okay, okay, fine. I'll tell you the truth. During the holidays we keep a quart of Whole Foods' egg nog in our fridge and add it to our coffee instead of plain cream.  There. Now you know. 

Not a coffee drinker? My friend Monica recommends adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your tea. It adds flavor and healthy fat (which means you won't get as hungry later), and coconut oil has many health benefits.

I'm visualizing you trying this cinnamon trick tomorrow morning at home, and I'm seeing you smiling. 



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P.P.S. Here's a cute short post from Glitter Guide on how to make the most of your morning. As if cinnamon in your coffee isn't enough!