* About Jennie

I'm a grownup who likes bright happy things that make me feel and look my best. Scratch that. Why lie? I feel my best when I look my best.

I've spent decades collecting mainstream and alternative health, beauty, home and fashion tips. I never accept a compliment without sharing a secret, and I know that fancy doesn't have to mean expensive.

I love Palm Springs, pretty clothes, natural skincare, and breathing deeply. Frank Sinatra plays in the background while I think up new ways to simplify my routine or throw a fun party. I'm a working mom who wonders how to get everything done each day, and how to add more bright orange to my wardrobe and home. I'm also the designated emergency contact for most of my friends.

Here are just a few things I believe: 

·       Good clothes open all doors.

·       Good posture and a big smile are any woman’s most powerful beauty secrets.

·       Extra sleep makes you extra beautiful.

·       Adding one more accessory to your outfit as you walk out the door is almost always a good idea.

·       Tie-dye looks good on no one.

·       Breathing deeply (try it right this instant!) makes you feel good.

MyHappyPlaceBlog is me sharing things that make me happy with the hope they make you happy, too. Let's be friends.

Illustration by Lucie Rice                                                                                                                   

Illustration by Lucie Rice                                                                                                                   


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I am soooo not a doctor. Likewise, not a scientist of any kind. So do your own research on any recommendation I make in MyHappyPlaceBlog.