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How To Get Dressed

Fashion should be fun, not stressful.  And what you wear should make you feel great, not  uncomfortable, or like anything less than your best self.  

The very word "fashion" can make some women feel nervous because they equate it with pressure to look somehow more glamorous than they think they are, or to spend more money than they should.

I love fashion, but my definition is not the pictures I see in Vogue. Much as I love looking at high fashion photography I view it as art rather than a recipe for my own life.  I live in the suburbs, work from home most days, and have a daughter in first grade.  So my favorite "fashion" item of late is my denim cut-off shorts that I wear with t-shirts, some cute jewelry and my red patent leather Birkenstocks.  To me, fashion is feeling comfortable, pulled together, and a little bit on trend without looking trendy.

A few getting dressed tips that guide me:

Know Thyself Be honest about what looks good on you and what doesn't. Just because something is in style doesn't mean it suits you, your body type, or your lifestyle. You'll never see me in Manolo Blahniks, super mini skirts or high waisted jeans, no matter how cool other people look in them. I like solid colors, clean lines and classic shapes and fabrics.

Skip the Hottest Trends I never want to look like I'm trying too hard.  Over-the-knee boots?  Denim overalls? Not gonna do it.  Sure, they look cute on girls in their twenties, but that's not me.  (For the record, I had a pair of high boots when they were in style last time: Back when Cindy Crawford was married to Richard Gere.) I also don't like to spend money on clothes that are having a moment, because when that moment is over I'm sad I wasted my money. On the other hand, I love reading fashion blogs and observing street style because it spurs me on to create my own renditions.  I'm not going to wear the super duper high-waisted ultra flared jeans, but I might get a pair of slightly flared jeans for fun.

Monkey See, Monkey Do While I'm not a slave to fashion trends I am happy to say that I let other women inspire my style decisions.  I'm a copycat from way back. If I see something on another woman and I think it might look good on me I'm happy to reproduce it.  (And if she's someone I know I circle back and tell her she influenced me. Who doesn't like that kind of flattery?) 

Check the Silhouette Most people aren't going to take in the details of your outfit. They'll notice the overall shape, or silhouette, instead. So I make sure I don't pair a long skirt with a long shirt, or a tight t-shirt with skinny jeans.  The overall shape, and how polished and proportional, is more important than the brand or how on-trend each piece is.

Apply Accessories Jeans and a t-shirt becomes more than the sum of their parts when you add the right jewelry, a cool belt, or a knock-out pair of shoes or boots.  Average clothes look pulled together with accessories. Even when I work from home, and no one but my dogs is going to see me, I add a few accessories to my outfit. This always puts an extra spring in my step for the long commute down the hall to my office. And, hey, these days I never know when a planned conference call will suddenly turn into a video meeting, so having a necklace on is always a good idea.  (I also keep a lipstick right under my computer for just such emergencies.)

Don't Go Overboard I try to have one stand-out item in each outfit. Without something special to tie it all together a top and bottom can be bland. But with too many things competing for attention I'd look clownish.  So if I wear a sparkly top I make sure everything else is subdued.  If I wear metallic shoes nothing else should be shiny.  And, something I have to keep reminding my little girl, never ever wear more than one animal print at a time. ("I know it's tacky Mommy, but I just love it!" ) 



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P.P.S. I just had a closet and wardrobe consultation with the fabulous Jill DeWan at Flair Shopping.  I'll write about that unexpectedly awesome experience soon.




A Luxury Beauty Gift For You

I love getting free stuff, especially luxury beauty products, don't you?

What? You hardly ever get free luxury stuff? Well it's about to happen for you.

I do what I can to avoid chemicals in everything I eat and put on my skin, and I hope you do, too.  But when it comes to skincare I still want products that WORK! And sadly, many of the healthiest ones don't. So how do you know what ingredients really work, and which just smell nice?

I wanted to find out. So I went searching for the best natural skincare products out there. Try Googling that and your head will start spinning. Slowly at first, then so fast you'll just give up and lie down.

My slog through the Wild Wild Web finally led me to Beauty Heroes, a high-end, non-toxic beauty subscription service that I'll tell you  more about in a minute.

First, I came across their free ingredient pocket guide. Eureka! It lists all of the "villain" ingredients we should avoid in our beauty products, along with a list of healthy "superpower" ingredients that deliver results.  (You can print a copy and keep it in your wallet.)

Even better than the guide is the monthly subscription service they offer.  Each month you get a cute box of perfectly curated, full-sized face, body, sun or hair care products from the companies Beauty Heroes has found to be both powerful and healthy for you. I've gotten the box 6 times and been thrilled with the oils, serums, and creams. They're chock full of superpower ingredients, and no toxins.

The retail cost of the products is far higher than the $39 monthly subscription, so I don't feel guilty about slathering them on like crazy.  And it's so fun to try something new that I know is doing great things for my skin.

I recently met (and kinda fell in love with) the soulful, smart, beautiful woman behind Beauty Heroes.  When I wrote Jeannie Jarnot a fan-mail email I learned she lives in the town next to mine -- how cool is that?!?  

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes

So we had coffee together (I wish I could say it was organic green tea, but it was straight up Pete's) and I learned more about the idea behind Beauty Heroes. Man, I wish more companies were as honest, authentic and true as Jeannie's.  

She's in business to help promote small skincare lines that make powerful small-batch, non-toxic skincare that really works.  With a background in the luxury spa industry, and a desire to keep the planet clean for her 5-year old son, Jeannie's sweetness, creativity, and authenticity won me over.

When I told Jeannie about my plans to start this blog she offered to give my readers a FREE BOX OF FULL-SIZED BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

It's a special gift ONLY for MY friends and family. (That's you. Yay!)

Use code MYHAPPYPLACE before September 15 to subscribe to Beauty Heroes.  You'll get their September box, and Jeannie will include the August products for FREE. (I already got my August box and it's $96 worth of sun-correcting magic I'm sure you'll love, too.)

See? I told you free luxury products were about to happen for you.

It's such an awesome deal I've never once regretted it. AND my skin has never looked (or smelled) better.

How's that for Happy?



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P.P.S. You can share the Beauty Heroes deal with friends as long as they use the code MYHAPPYPLACE by September 15, 2015.

P.P.S.S. MyHappyPlaceBlog isn't about selling stuff. It's about sharing the things that make me happy.